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Advantage of Japan Mitsubishi M80 CNC Control System

From: Sunshine CNC   Date:2016-06-18  Browse: 1587

M80 / M800 producer
◆ equipped with Mitsubishi Electric developed its own high-speed processing capability CNC dedicated CPU
◆ achieved by using Sesamicro / Saffron faster and better tracing.
◆ SSS control: faster, more accurate, higher quality.
◆ smooth interpolation: better taste, even if the instruction fragmented, projections, within the specified tolerances can also be smooth motion.

M80 / M800 easy to use
◆ Inheritance: no need to change existing machining program can be directly applicable, Used M7 users without training to operate.
◆ direct sense of touch screen operability M80 / M800 Reliability
◆ environmental resistance control unit, drive unit, anti-vibration performance improvement
◆ monitor longer life and more stable

M80 / M800 connectivity
◆ corresponding to a variety of field Network: CC-LINK (Master / Slave), PROFIBUS-DP (Master), EtherNet / IP (Scanner)
◆ large data corresponding to the times: the full factory support visualization


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